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Organizing Committee Election Results


The votes are in and counted and the four nominees who received the most votes are (in alphabetical order)

Corinne Charbonnel
Richard Larson
Jim Liebert
Ewald Müller

Their areas of interest/expertise certainly complement those of the continuing OC members, and they will make valuable contributions to the activities of the OC. Their terms will officially begin on July 21, at the C35 Business Meeting to be held in conjunction with the IAU General Assembly in Sydney, Australia.

The first two "runners-up" were (in alphabetical order) Gilles Fontaine and Peter Wood, but the "race" was very tight with, in general, only 1-2 votes separating any two of the candidates. Approximately 25% of those contacted by e-mail voted, which is a bit low, but something that we should be able to improve upon the next time that there is a partial renewal of the OC (in 3 years).

Thanks to everyone who participated in the election!