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IAU Commission 35
Stellar Constitution

(Constitution des Etoiles)
Painting by Davis Melzer

Commission 35 consists of members of the International Astronomical Union whose research is concerned with the structure and evolution of stars in all parts of the H-R diagram. Their interests range from various aspects of stellar interior physics, such as convection, diffusion, and rotation, to asteroseismology and the prediction of the evolutionary and nucleosynthetic histories of stars that are of vital importance for our understanding of stellar populations and galactic chemical evolution.

Commission 35 is part of Division G of the International Union (Stars and Stellar Physics), which is concerned with the characterization, interior and atmospheric structure, and evolution of stars of all masses, ages, and chemical compositions.   

Division G acts as the umbrella for Commissions 26 - Double and Multiple Stars, 27 - Variable Stars, 29 - Stellar Spectra, 35 - Stellar Constitution, 36 - Theory of Stellar Atmospheres, 42 - Close Binary Stars, and 45 - Stellar Classification. 

Division G has established four Working Groups: WG on Active B Stars, WG on Massive Stars, WG on Red Giant Abundances, and WG on Ap and Related Stars.

President: Dr. Marco LimongiINAF/Osservatorio Astronomico di Roma

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