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Basic Astrophysical, Atomic,
and Nuclear
NACRE. Nuclear Astrophysics Compilation of Reaction Rates.
OPAL Opacities. Opacities of low- to mid-Z elements from LLNL.
BRUSLIB. The Brussels nuclear data library for astrophysics applications. 
Kurucz Atomic Data Files. Provides a search of Bob Kurucz's data files.
NIST Atomic Spectra Database. Offers database access and search capability.
The Atomic Line List. A searchable compilation of 106 atomic transitions.
VALD. Access to the Vienna Atomic Line Database. 
Atomic Data for Astrophysics. Links to basic data provided by Dima Verner.
Atomic Data for Fusion. The Atomic Data Center at Oak Ridge.
Stellar Structure and Evolution Models
Geneva Database. Isochrones and tracks for many photometric systems.
Padova Database. Offers stellar evolutionary tracks and isochrones.
Victoria-Regina Models. Data files and software by VandenBerg et al.
Pisa Stellar Evolution Data Base. Library for PMS and low-mass stars. 
Y2 Isochrones. Updated version of the Revised Yale Isochrones.
STARS. Homepage of Peter Eggleton's stellar evolution code. 
Pre-Main-Sequence Tracks. Model suite computed by D'Antona & Mazzitelli.
BaSTI. A bag of stellar tracks and isochrones by Cassisi & Castellani.
MODEST. Collaboration modeling the evolution dense stellar systems.

Solar Models and Data
National Solar Observatory. Homepage of the NSO.
NSO Digital Library. On-line archive of major NSO datasets.
BASS 2000. BAse de donnees Solaire Sol (Solar Survey Archive). 
Virtual Solar Observatory. Software system linking archives of solar data.
Model S. Jørgen Christensen-Dalsgaard's solar model.
SOHO. Homepage of the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory.
Solar Neutrino Research. J. Bahcall's website on neutrino software and data.
Stellar and Solar Oscillations
GONG. Homepage of the Global Oscillation Network Group.
OGLE. The Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment.
MONS. The MONS project measures oscillations in stars.
Aarhus Adiabatic Pulsation Package. Software by J. Christensen-Dalsgaard.
COROT. Convection, Rotation, and Planetary Transits. CNES Petite Mission.
MOST. A satellite to probe microvariability and oscillations in stars.
BiSON. The Birmingham Solar Oscillations Network.

Stellar Atmosphere Models
The Kurucz Models. Access to Bob Kurucz atmosphere  models.
Librerias de espectros estelares. David Montes' collection of spectral links. 
ELODIE An on-line database of stellar spectra.
MILES An empirical medium-resolution library by P. Sánchez-Blázquez.
Indo-US LibraryHigh-resolution library from the KPNO 0.9m coudé.
MOOG. Chris Sneden's line analysis and spectrum synthesis package.
TLUSTY. NLTE hot star atmospheres developed by I. Hubeny and T. Lanz.
Synspec. Allows users to compute a synthetic spectrum from an atmosphere.
Spectrum. Richard Gray's stellar spectral synthesis package. 
Phoenix. A stellar atmosphere code for cool stars and supernovae.
WM-Basic. Package for modeling hot-star atmospheres by Adi Pauldrach.
General Catalog of Photometric Data. Comprehensive photometric database.
Tübingen NLTE Atmospheres. T. Rauch's white dwarf atmospheres.
MARCS. Grid of spherical LTE atmospheres by B. Gustaffson et al. 
Evolutionary and Population Synthesis Models
GALAXEV. Galaxy evolution synthesis models by G. Bruzual & S. Charlot.
Pégase. Projet d'Étude des GAlaxies par Synthèse Évolutive by Michel Fioc.
Starburst99. Software package and database for galaxy modeling.
Alberto Buzzoni. Database of synthesis models (SEDs and Lick indices).
SED@. Miguel Cerviño's webserver for evolutionary synthesis modeling.
Globular Clusters. Bill Harris' catalog of Galactic globular clusters.
WEBDA. A database of open stellar clusters maintained by E. Paunzen.
Catalog of Open Clusters. Wilton Dias' web site with stellar cluster data. 
Internet Stellar Database. Searchable database of nearby stars. 
Dial-A-Model. Allows the creation of mixtures of single-burst populations.
GRASIL. Calculates SEDs accounting for GRAphite and SILicate dust.
HyperLeda. The Lyon database for the physics of galaxies.

Chemical Evolution
GALEV. The Univ. of Wisconsin spectral and chemical evolution models.
Alexandre Vazdekis. Population synthesis models with chemical evolution.
GAIA. ESA mission to produce a census of stars in the Galaxy.
CHE_EVO. Chemical evolution program written by Gian Luigi Granato.
Primordial Gas Chemistry. Tom Abel's site on the evolution of the early universe.
Newsletters Related to Stellar Constitution
Solar News. Newsletter of the Solar Physics Division of the AAS.
Cool News. Monthly newsletter dealing with cools stars and the sun.
SCYON. The Star Clusters Young and Old Newsletter.
Massive Star Newsletter. Covers hot massive stars and extragalactic populations.
EAS Newsletter. Biannual newsletter of the European Astronomical Society.

Personal Webpages of Comm. 35 Members
Christensen-Dalsgaard, Jørgen
D'Antona, Francesca
Meynet, Georges
Moehler, Sabine
Grant and Fellowships
NASA NSPIRES. Multiple research opportunities throughout the year.
National Science Foundation. Overview, policies, deadlines, forms for NSF grants.
AAUW Grants. Grant and fellowship opportunities from the AAUW.

Career Tools and Job Advertisements
AAS Job Register. Monthly listing of worldwide astronomy jobs.
EAS Job Register. Collection of astronomy jobs in Europe.
Astrophysics Rumor Wiki. The latest gossip on short lists and jobs.
University Job Bank. Site for job seekers and recruiters.
Links to Useful Websites
AAS. Homepage of the American Astronomical Society.
CASCA. Homepage of the Canadian Astronomical Society.
EAS. Homepage of the European Astronomical Society.
Google. The internet's widely used search engine.
NED. The NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database.

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