Dear Commission 35 member:
    (This message is being sent to all members who have "working" e-mail
addresses.)  Greetings to you all!  There are several items of business:
(1) nomination of new members to serve on the Organizing Committee of
Commission 35, (2) notification of the new web site for C35 (3) the
up-coming General Assembly of the IAU in Sydney, Australia in mid-July,
and (4) updates to the e-mail addresses of commission members.  Let me
deal with each of these in turn.

     (1) Every 3 years, a partial renewal of the Organizing Committee of
each commission occurs.  The *main* responsibilities of the OC are (a) to
review and assess proposals for meetings that are seeking IAU status and
support (as Symposia or Colloquia in non-GA years, and as Symposia or
Joint Discussions at IAU General Assemblies) and (b) to help with the
preparation of a triennial report that briefly reviews the main advances
that have been made (in the area of Stellar Structure and Evolution, in
our case) during the 3 years just prior to a GA.  It is very important for
OCs to have good geographical representation and, especially, to encompass
a broad range of expertise.  At the present time, we have 13 OC members
(normally we have 12) and the longest-serving members (G. Michaud,
A. Renzini, A. Tutukov, G. Vauclair, and J.-P. Zahn) will soon be stepping
down (unless one of them is chosen to be the next Vice-President): I'm sure
that you join me in extending sincere thanks to all of them for their
valuable contributions over the years!  In the coming weeks, we must select
4 new members to replace them.  Accordingly, I am asking you to nominate
some others from the membership of C35 to fill these positions.  Within 2
weeks, you will also be asked to cast a vote to choose among the nominations
that are received if there are more than 4 nominations.  (Please note that
some nominations *may* not be accepted by the OC - *if* their research areas
are already very well represented in the continuing membership of the OC.)
For your information, the continuing members are:
  J. Christensen-Dalsgaard  - Denmark   - stellar evolution & oscillations
                                          helio- and astero-seismology
  F. D'Antona               - Italy     - stellar structure; first stages
                                          of low-mass star/brown dwarf
                                          evolution; interacting binaries
  W. Dziembowski            - Poland    - stellar oscillations, pulsating
                                          variables, helioseismology
  J. Guzik                  - U.S.A.    - stellar evolution and
                                          pulsations, asteroseismology
  N. Langer          - The Netherlands  - evolution of massive stars,
                                          rotation, nucleosynthesis
  G. Meynet              - Switzerland  - structure & evolution of massive
                                          stars (with/without rotation)
  H. Saio                   - Japan     - stellar evolution and stellar
  D. VandenBerg             - Canada    - evolution of low-mass stars
Nominations will be accepted until 8:00 am (my time) on March 6 - i.e.,
just over 1 week from today.  Please submit your nominations to me.

     (2) Claus Leitherer is making a huge contribution to Commission 35
by developing a new web site for us and agreeing to be its webmaster for
the forseeable future.  Take a look at  It is
still being developed, but already it contains a lot of very useful
information, including a membership list that may be helpful when you
consider who to nominate for the OC vacancies.  You are welcome to send
me or any of the OC members (contact information is given on the web
site) suggestions for additional information, links, etc. that would be
worth adding to the web site.

     (3) At the next General Assembly, Commission 35 is among the
supporting commissions for four of the Joint Discussions, including:
No. 4 (Astrophysical Impact of Abundances in Globular Cluster Stars)
No. 5 (White Dwarfs: Galactic and Cosmological Probes)
No. 12 (Solar & Solar-Like Oscillations: Insights and Challenges for
       the Sun and Stars)
No. 15 (Elemental Abundances in Old Stars & Damped Lyman-alpha Systems)
Unfortunately, many other excellent proposals for JDs and Symposia were
not approved by the IAU, but I trust that the above meetings and others
listed in the IAU Bulletin will encourage you to attend: I hope so.
A business meeting for C35 has been scheduled for the 4th session on
Monday July 21.  At this stage, the agenda is wide open - so if you have
any business to bring up at that meeting, please let me know.  I expect
that I may have some announcements as a result of the Executive Committee
meeting that I will attend on Sunday/Monday July 13/14, but if nothing
else is forthcoming, our business meeting will be very short indeed.

     (4) Finally, I am presently able to contact only about 2/3rds of
the members of Commission 35: either the e-mail addresses that I have on
file don't work, or I have no e-mail address information whatsoever.  I
can anticipate that many members are out of e-mail contact because they
have retired, dropped out of astronomy, etc., but I would like to update
the contact information as much as I can.  Below I give the names of those
for whom e-mail addresses are needed.  Please take the time to read over
the list and to supply e-mail addresses for as many of the following as
you can.  Thanks, in advance, for whatever you can do!
      With my best regards, on behalf of the Organizing Committee of C35,
              Don VandenBerg
              President, C35


Members who could not be reached using their e-mail addresses on file:
  Romeo Bocchia          Stephen Breunn           Cecil Davis, Jr.
  Cornelis de Jager      Camiel de Loore          Alan Edwards
  Yuri Fadeyev           Eric Fossat              Masayuki Fujimoto
  Domingo Garcia         Alfred Gautschy          Alexander Imbroane
  Vladimir Imshennik     Richard James            Helmuth Kaehler
  R.K. Kochhar           Pilar Lapuente           Claus Moellenhoff
  Takashi Nakamura       Helen Pongracic          Thomas Raucher
  Alak Ray               Gerhard Ruben            Filipe Santos
  Kenneth Schatten       Monique Signore          Edward Sion
  Lev Yungelson

Members who do not have e-mail addresses on file:
  A. Zaki Aiad           S.P.S. Anand             Kenzo Arai
  Hermann Bondi          Georgeanne Caughlan      Roberto Chan
  Iakob Chkhikvadze      Robert Christy           Jeffrey Cohen
  Mrinal Das             W. Deinzer               Keith Despain
  Terry Edwards          T.A. Eminzade            Andrew Endal
  E.V. Ergma             Dilhan Ezer-Eryurt       Brian Flannery
  Vassilis Geroyannis    Pietro Giannone          Robert Gingold
  Shumo Gong             Eric Graham              Hardev Gurm
  Zhanwen Han            Chushiro Hayashi         Eberhard Hilf
  Juichi Hitotsuyanagi   Reiun Hoshi              Runqian Huang
  Keisuke Kaminishi      Gennadij Khozov          Masayoshi Kiguchi
  Rudolf Kippenhahn      Nilguen Kiziloglu        R.S. Kushwaha
  Jean Latour            Thyphoon Lee             Jacques Lepine
  M. Maheswaran          Gyorgy Marx              A. Masani
  Alla Massevich         Thaddeus Mazurek         J. Dermott McCrea
  Yu Melik-Alaverdian    Chander Mohan            Daniel Moore
  John A. Morgan         Ewald Muiller            Dmittris Nadyozhin
  Kiyoshi Nakazawa       Sadollah Nasiri          Michael Newman
  Minoru Nishida         Noboru Ohyama            Isao Okamoto
  Girish Pande           Gillian Pearce           David Pines
  Antonis Pinotsis       Vladimir Porfir'ev       Qinyue Qu
  K.H. Raedler           Souriraja Ramadurai      Hubert Reeves
  Anders Reiz            Ingrid Juliana Sackmann  Nasiri Sadollah
  Kurt Sengbusch         Yukio Shibata            Giovanni Silvestro
  Paul Smeyers           Kazuo Suda               Peter Sweet
  Herman Tjin-a-Djie     Juichi Uchida            Wasaburo Unno
  Undo Uus               Rene van der Borght      Herman van der Raay
  M.S. Vardya            Samuel Vila              Robert E. Wilson
  Darun Xiong            S.A. Zhevakin