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   Commission 29 - Stellar Spectra                                 Div IV
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   Commission 35 - Stellar Constitution                            Div IV
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Dear Commission Presidents and Vice-Presidents,

John Lattanzio on behalf of the Working Group on Abundances in Red 
Giants intends to submit a proposal for a JD during the forthcoming
GA in Prague on the topic:

           Pre-Solar Grains as Astrophysical Tools

Your comments and suggestions will be of great of help in preparing
formal proposal.

Our own interest is specifically from the nucleosynthesis
viewpoint, and how to use compositions of grains as constraints
on stellar interiors and evolution. But there are many other
aspects, and we would love to see a meeting of all interested
people at the General Assembly in Prague.

Please can you let us know your views on this ASAP, as a Letter
of Intent is due with the IAU by Sept 1.

The idea for this JD grew out of extensive email communications
among members of the IAU Working Group on Abundances in Red Giants,
which is sponsored by Division IV. If there is sufficient support
for this JD among the Commissions, we would propose the following
procedure.  We would write and submit the required Letter of Intent,
giving our ideas for the JD and mentioning the Commissions that we
hope will support it. We would then, in consultation with you, set
up an SOC including members of our WG as well as of each of your
Commissions, to prepare a detailed program to be submitted to
Division Presidents before the deadline in early January. Please
let us know if this procedure is satisfactory to you.

Possible topics to be discussed include:

	Grain condensation and formation 
	IR Spectroscopy and grains
	New technology for grain analysis (nano-SIMS)
	Grain abundances and stellar nucleosynthesis models
	s-process constraints from grain abundances

        Thank you for considering this matter,

                John Lattanzio  (

                on behalf of the Working Group on Abundances in Red Giants