Commission 35 Business Meeting

Dear Members of IAU Commission 35

Please ignore my previous mail, which was send by my mistake.

The Commission Business Meeting during IAU General Assembly in Prague was held planned
but it was brief and quite informal as there were only six participants. The Agenda included
my report on various organizational activities of the Commission during the
2003-2006 term and  Virginia Trimble's presentation "Presence of
binary stars in the current astronomical literature".

Let me summarize here the most important information about the Commission.

Our website,, is maintained by Dr. Claus
Leithrer. In addition to updated information about the Commission,
it contains number of useful links.

The Organizing Committee for the 2006-2009 is composed of the
following colleagues.
  Francesca D'Antona (Italy) - President
  Corinne Charbonnel (France)- Vice-President
  Gilles Fontaine    (Canada)
  Richard Larson (U.S.A)
  John Lattanzio (Australia)
  James Liebert (U.S.A.)
  Ewald Mueller (Germany)
  Achim Weiss (Germany)
  Lev Yungelson (Russia)

From now, information about changes in your addresses, suggestions regarding
the website and requests for support of proposals for IAU Sponsored Symposia
should be send to Francesca D'Antona (

Of 925 new IAU members proposed by their respective National IAU
Committees, 32 expressed their will of joining Commission 35.
They all are now members of the Commission. Below I list their names.

Torben ARENTOFT (Denmark), Sydney A. BARNES (USA), Sarbani BASU (USA),
Michael BAZOT (Denmark), Ignazio BOMBACI (Italy), Brian C. CHABOYER (USA),
Gilles CHABRIER (France), Stephane CHARPINET (France), Jadwiga DASZYNSKA-DASZKIEWICZ (Poland),
Jean DUPUIS(Canada), Leo A. GIRARDI (Italy), Raphael HIRSCHI (Swiss),
Jes K. JOERGENSEN(USA), Li  Qingkang KANG (China), Matthias LIEBENDOERFER (Switzerland),
Frangois LIGNIERES (France), Marco LIMONGI (Italy), Keiichi MAEDA (Japan),
David A. MCDAVID (USA), Gijs NELEMANS (the Netherlands), Joana M. OLIVEIRA (United Kingdom),
Simon J. O'TOOLE (Australia), Klaus   M.  PONTOPPIDAN (USA), Maarten REYNIERS (Belgium),
Leonardo G. SIGALOTTI (Venezuela), Takuma SUDA (Japan), Victor P. UTROBIN (Russian Federation),
Paolo VENTURA (Italy), Jorick S. VINK (United Kingdom), Ken YI (Rep of   Korea),
Takashi YOSHIDA (Japan), Maxim V. YUSHKIN (Russian Federation)

I end with thanks to all, who helped me during my presidency.
Nine members of the previous Organizing Committee contributed to evaluation of the proposal and
six contributed to the triennal report. I am grateful to all of them and, especially, to my
predecessor Don VandenBeg, who also helped me with his advises.
I most grateful to Claus Leitherer for maintaining the Commission
website, for his inititives, suggestions and help.

With best wishes,

Wojtek Dziembowski