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Discussion Board


Members of IAU Commission 35 are encouraged to take advantage of a discussion board for communicating with their colleagues and friends. This service is moderated and maintained by the Organizing Committee of Commission 35 and hosted by blogspot. Members may access the discussion board from the GO button on this page.

Enter the Discussion Board:

How does the Discussion Board work? Follow these simple steps for posting topics and comments.

  • The Discussion Board is organized around "Topics". Topics are posted by the webmaster on member request. Any commission member wishing to initiate a new topic should send email to the Moderator. Requests are usually fulfilled within one business day.

  • Members may add to the discussion of each Topic by using the "Comment" link.

  • No login is required for joining a discussion of an established topic.

  • The Comment window has input fields for the name, email, URL, and text. Members not wishing to disclose personal information are free to leave some of these fields blank but totally anonymous postings are discouraged. The text field should be filled with the desired posting. When finished, enter "OK". 

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