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Conferences Related to Stellar Constitution
Scientific Literature
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Major Peer-Reviewed 
The Astrophysical Journal.
The Astrophysical Journal Letters. 
The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series.
Astronomy & Astrophysics.
The Astronomical Journal.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.
Acta Astronomica.
Astronomy & Astrophysics, Supplement Series.
Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific.
Helpful Bibliographic Links
NASA ADS. The most comprehensive literature database and search engine.
astro-ph. Automated e-print archive for astrophysics preprints.
NED. The NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database.
SIMBAD. Bibliography for astronomical objects outside the solar system.
AASTex. The AASTex package for manuscript preparation.
ISI Citation Statistics. Citation rankings and statistics for the scientific literature.

Newsletters Related to Stellar Constitution
Solar News. Newsletter of the Solar Physics Division of the AAS.
Cool News. Monthly newsletter dealing with cools stars and the sun. 
SCYON. The Star Clusters Young and Old Newsletter.
Massive Star Newsletter. Covers hot massive stars and extragalactic populations.
Cassiopeia. Biannual newsletter of the Canadian Astronomical Society.
EAS Newsletter. Biannual newsletter of the European Astronomical Society.
Specialized Literature
Links to conference reports, unpublished papers, and lectures on stellar constitution.
Lecture Notes on Stellar Oscillations. Author: J. Christensen Dalsgaard.
Lecture Notes on Radiative Transfer in Stellar Atmospheres. Author: B. Rutten.

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